Award Categories

Appreciating Young Talent In Dentistry

Student of the Year

Recognising students who have worked exceptionally to the best of their abilities, putting the greatest effort into their academics, extracurricular activities and made a positive impact for themselves and others.

These awards aim to recognise the top students in each of the different disciplines of dentistry:

    • Dental Student of the Year
    • Student Dental Hygienist of the Year
    • Student Dental Nurse of the Year
    • Student Dental Technician of the Year
    • Student Dental Therapist of the Year

Clinical Case of the Year

An award to recognise clinical skills, showing signs of good ambidexterity, appropriate decision making and a potential for clinical excellence, all whilst providing the best treatment and care for the patient.

Outstanding Contribution to Society

Have you made an exceptional impact to society, such as a charitable endeavour, raising awareness for a cause or a certain contribution to a community.

This award aims to recognise the student who is constantly doing more for others and trying to improve society for the better.

Entrepreneurial Student of the Year

Have you created or made an impact in a business whilst studying? This award aims to recognise the positive impact you’re making in society and the economy, and the legacy you’re aiming to leave with your work.

Sportswoman & Sportsmen of the Year

Celebrating the remarkable men and women from the United Kingdom studying in a dental-field who partake and achieve greatness through sport. This award aims to recognise an athlete or team whose performance most embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement.

Dental Society Initiative of the Year

Throughout the United Kingdom, dental societies have been achieving incredible accomplishments to help fellow students and the wider community. This award aims to celebrate the work done by the society and its members and acknowledge a great initiative and inspire others.

Dental Tutor of the Year

Awarded to a tutor employed by the Dental Institute and/or University for showing an exceptional standard of teaching and mentorship to dental students, going above and beyond and helping to influence the future leaders of tomorrow.

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